Bank of New Zealand

The client
The Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) is a dynamic organisation led by innovation and adapting to new ideas. So, environmentally sustainable design played an important role in the development of its new Wellington headquarters.

Corporately designed to provide comfort and convenience to Victoria’s government departments, this building plays an important part in Victoria’s economic development.

Originally built with elegant and style, it continues to advance, keeping up to date with modern society.

The brief
To provide reliable, quality drinking water appliances to meet both high economic standards and demands of efficient government personnel.

The solution
Initially – install 33 Billi Trio Boiling and Chilled drinking water units across all levels of Department of Justice and 20 across all levels of Department of Industries.

As time progresses, popularity and reliability of the Billi units spreads, install 28 new Billi Quadra models throughout all levels of Department of Transport.

Why Billi
When designing the interior of the building, architects were looking for everything Billi provides including:

  • Reliability – the first Billi units were installed over 5 years ago.
  • No ugly ventilation grilles required on the cupboards
  • Minimal cupboard space usage – Billi units having the smallest dimensions on the commercial market.
  • Economically responsible – Billi’s one of a kind energy reclaim technology saves otherwise wasted energy.
  • Splash free instantaneous boiling or chilled water saves the time of a kettle boiling and cost of bottled or free standing water appliances.