Instant Hot Water Dispensers

Manually boiling water for cooking or drinking can be inconvenient and time consuming, especially in large families or offices. Billi’s extensive range of instant hot water dispensers offer an excellent way of saving time, servicing large numbers of people and providing clean, filtered instant boiling water that is cleaner than that you will get from a kettle.

Billi have a range of instant hot water dispensers available that offer diverse features, allowing you to select that which best meets the needs of your home or office. Our Ultra system is an instant boiling water unit that is wall mounted, taking up minimum space and dispensing water that is within one degree of boiling. The Sahara unit offers instant boiling water from a discreet, under sink system that is stylish as well as practical, while the Sahara Plus system functions as your hot water service as well as a filtered water dispenser . Finally, our Quadra, Quadra Plus and Eco Systems offer the dual functionality of both chilled and boiling water, an ideal combination for those who value easy access to clean, filtered water.

After selecting the instant hot water dispenser that is right for you, purchasing and installing your system is simple and stress free. Our website allows you to locate your nearest Billi stockist, who will arrange for your system to be installed as quickly as possible. Arranging services and replacement filters is also hassle-free, and is as simple as visiting our website. Instant boiling water will enhance your home or office environment, and is achieved with ease through an instant hot water dispenser from Billi.