Under Sink Water Filters

Filtered water allows you to remain hydrated while being confident that you’re avoiding putting contaminants or impurities in your body. Its sharp, pure taste leaves you wanting more, ensuring you’re drinking enough water to meet your body’s needs. Billi’s stylish, streamlined under sink water filters are the ideal solution for making clean drinking and cooking water readily available in your home or office.

Billi offer a range of under sink water filters that offer a sleek, sophisticated look while providing clean chilled or boiling water, or both, at the touch of a lever. All of our under sink units take up little space and can be in line with the water supply if you desire, meaning no refills are required.

Our extensive range of products allows you to select the under sink water filter that best meets the needs of your family or business. Our Eco System is energy efficient and water saving, operating only when you need it, and dispenses both boiling and chilled water, as do our Quadra, Quadra Plus and Sahara Plus units. The Alpine under sink water filter is ideal for summer, dispensing chilled drinking water, while the Sahara system offers boiling water on tap while reducing boiling water risks through superior safety inclusions.

Whichever under sink water filter you choose, you can be confident that the installation and maintenance of your system is simple and stress free, thanks to Billi’s commitment to excellent customer service. Our website offers an online service centre on which you can download product manuals, make enquiries and book a service call, and also allows you to order replacement water filters online if required. So, when considering making an under sink water filter part of your home or workplace, think Billi.